Door Closer Close Motion

Soundless and Secured Closing

How quiet a door closer can be? With the innovative Close-Motion® technology from ASSA ABLOY, doors glide practically silently and completely reliably into the latched status. The door leaf initially closes like any conventional door closer from the ASSA ABLOY door closer range. New is that the integral Close-Motion® ensures that the door not only closes quickly, but is also optimally damped during the closing action. 

In simple terms, this means that the door initially closes quickly, is softly damped and is finally pulled reliably closed. The best thing is Close-Motion® minimizes the maintenance requirementsand removes the need for complicated adjustmentson the door closer. Installation and retrofitting are also extremely simple. Once Close-Motion® is in, noise simply stays outside.

All the advantages at a glance

  • The door closes quickly and practically silently
  • Optimal damping when moving into the closing position
  • The door is reliably pulled closed against the seal
  • Appealing design through integration in the door closer housing
  • Suitable for single and double-leaf doors
  • No regular adjustments required
  • Minimizes the danger of crushing for fingers

Design meets comfort

Hotels, hospitals and apartment buildings in particular are faced with the challenge of creating a pleasant, quiet atmosphere despite the noisy environment. Self-closing doors in heavily frequented entrance and exit areas, staircases, corridors and rooms are a massive source of noise here.

Close-Motion® was developed with these problems in mind. It helps to achieve quiet, as well as a pleasant closing comfort.

In the tourism and hotel sector in particular, self-closing doors are required that are also easy to use. In the room and corridor area, a quiet atmosphere must be created to ensure that guests enjoy a relaxing stay andundisturbed sleep.

With Close-Motion®, quiet is restored once and for all. 

A quiet environment is essential in hospitals, as the best medicine is often quiet and relaxation. With Close-Motion®, doors around hospital rooms, treatment rooms and central areas close extremely gentlyand quietly.

Easy installation and adjustment for maximum functionality

The new Close-Motion® door closer is easy to install just like any other ASSA ABLOY door closer. Valves can be used to easily adjust closing force, speed and end stop. Once installed, no intermediate adjustment is required thanks to the Close-Motion® technology.