eCLIQ is a purely electronic keying system developed by ASSA ABLOY. It is a cost effective solution which provides electronic access control without the need for wiring. eCLIQ cylinders retrofit into existing doors and locks.

eCLIQ offers the electronic features such as programmable access rights, time scheduling, audit trails, blocking of lost keys etc.

Both the key and cylinder contain electronics but only the key has a battery. There is no battery within the cylinders or padlocks. The battery in the key powers up the electronics in the cylinder at key insertion.

Key Features

  • Electronic access control without wiring
  • Audit trails stored in both keys and cylinders
  • Flexible access permissions
  • IP67 rated keys
  • IP67 rated padlock
  • Easily replaced standard battery in the key

Applications - ASSA ABLOY® eCLIQ is suitable for various industries:

  • Schools
  • City Councils
  • Museums
  • Art centres
  • Nursing homes, smaller hospitals and health centres
  • Commercial buildings and factories
  • Transport and logistics
  • Infrastructure
  • Offices
  • An application with a need for electronic access control in remote locations

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