Aperio® RFID Technologies

Compatible with all standard high-frequency RFID credentials, for straightforward management of your electronic access control system. Keep your existing physical credentials, if you choose.

Aperio wireless locks work with the widest range of RFID technologies and protocols.

Aperio Online locks connect with an access control system in real time, via Communication Hubs. Locks and other readers are compatible with all standard RFID technologies, including iCLASS®, MIFARE® Classic/Plus, DESFire, Seos® and LEGIC®.

Aperio Offline locks support the OSS Standard Offline. For maximum compatibility with new and existing systems, Aperio Offline locks accept MIFARE® Classic, DESFire and Legic credentials — with audit trail support.

Online integration offers several smart credential handling options to enable emergency access in case of a communications failure with the access control. Up to 1,000 recently presented valid credentials can be cached automatically for up to 30 days, for user convenience and so the door may be opened without security administrator intervention. Alternatively, the access control system can load, modify and delete credentials to the units for the same purpose with time limitation or permanently.

By choosing Aperio, you can combine Offline and Online doors within the same building or installation.

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