Aperio® C100 Cylinder

Add wireless access control to your internal doors with the Aperio C100 Cylinder with integrated RFID reader. It takes 2 minutes to install a C100, with no drilling and no door cabling required

The Aperio C100 Cylinder is a wireless locking device suited to almost any internal door — from offices and meeting rooms to classrooms, stock rooms and bedrooms.

The C100 Cylinder fits all mortice locks, including on glass doors. It comes in single- and double-knob versions DIN, Scandinavian and Swiss cylinder body versions with metal knob cover. A premium version, VdS certified, is also available.

The integrated RFID reader and radio are located in the outside knob, with secure electronics housed inside the cylinder core. Communication with your electronic access control system is via a compatible Aperio Communications Hub. An LED provides instant status visualisation.

The online cylinder offers several smart credential handling options to enable emergency access in case of a communications failure with the access control. Up to 1,000 recently presented valid credentials can be cached automatically for up to 30 days, for user convenience and so the door may be opened without security administrator intervention. Alternatively the access control system can load, modify and delete credentials to the units for the same purpose with time limitation or permanently.

The C100 cylinder can work with an online system or as an offline lock. This is decided during the product initialisation. When connected online, communication is via the communication hubs to the online access control system, where access decisions are made. Additional advantages of Aperio Online management include real-time control over doors and the instant availability of audit trails for any lock or site user.

As well as being quick and easy to install, the Aperio Cylinder is cost-efficient to run, using standard batteries rather than a resource-hungry, always-on mains connection demanded by wired doors.

Like all Aperio wireless access control devices, the Aperio C100 Cylinder is designed for seamless integration with access control and security systems from over 100 different manufacturers.

The Aperio® C100 iscompatible with multiple RFID technologies, including iCLASS®/ISO14443B, iCLASS®SE, Seos®, MIFARE®Classic, Plus EV1, DESFire EV1, SE and Legic®. — and in all leading door profiles: Euro, Scandinavian, Finnish, and Swiss.

For all product options and detailed technical information, check the product catalogue.

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