Aperio® for Industry and Utilities

High-security wireless access solutions to control more of your site

Where is Aperio used?

  • Factories and manufacturing sites
  • Power generation plants
  • Water processing sites and reservoirs
  • Gas and electricity distributors

Who is considered?

  • Employees/Managers
  • Site Maintenance Teams
  • Short-term Contractors

Common Challenges

Flexible, wireless locking devices give you the ability to extend access control to far more areas than would be feasible with wired magnetic locks. You need to revoke credentials immediately if one is lost or stolen. You want the convenience of managing access from anywhere via multiple door types, secure administration software.

Aperio solution

With Aperio wireless, battery-powered locks you can extend an existing access system or install access control from scratch. Additional features/products adapted to this sector include:

  • Online access management to enable instant site security overviews
  • Complete wireless Aperio locks for high-security and fire doors
  • Wire-free lock installation for minimal site disruption


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