Aperio® for Entertainment and Sports Complexes

Fine-grained, flexible wireless access control to enable multiple security levels

Where is Aperio used?

  • Arenas and stadiums with indoor and/or outdoor areas
  • Training and public access sports facilities
  • Museums and galleries
  • Historic buildings
  • Concert halls

Who is considered?

  • Managers/Curators/Supervisors, inc. Security Managers
  • Temporary/Event Staff, inc. Security Teams
  • Regular Non-staff Site Users
  • One-off Visitors

Common Challenges

Mechanical keys have become a burden. A wide range of permanent and temporary staff, plus many visitors, need fine-grained access to different areas at your site. Your locking needs to work on emergency and fire exits. You will manage devices for multiple door types, including cylinders, escutcheons and complete locks.

Aperio solution

With Aperio wireless, battery-powered locks you can extend an existing access system or install access control from scratch. Additional features/products adapted to this sector include:

  • Online device management to cancel lost credentials instantly
  • Seamless lock integration with over 100 different access control systems
  • Complete wireless Aperio locks for high-security and fire doors

Stavanger Concert Hall

Company Type:

Concert Hall


Stavanger, Norway



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