Explanation of the related norms

Safe in emergencies

With ASSA ABLOY you chose for safety since our door closers comply with national and international laws and regulations.

Smoke and fire rated door scan only be installed with door closer systems that comply with EN1154/EN1155/EN1158. ASSA ABLOY offers admitted door closing systems for single and double leaf smoke protection and fire rated doors with different application requirements

EN 1154

This standard specifies the technical requirements for controlled door closing devices, including those for fire and smoke protection doors. Designed for use on swing doors, the door closer provides controlled closing from energy provided by the user when opening the door.

EN 1155

This standard specifies the requirements for elektromechanical standalone hold open devices or those built into door closers which may be used on fire and smoke protection doors.

EN 1158

This standard specifies the requirements for coordinators that are used to control the closing of rebated double doors. Coordinators can be standalone mechanisms or built into a door control system complete with door closers. Additional requirements are also required for use on fire and smoke protection doors.

Afbeeldingen van CE-markering

CEN TR 15894

A technical report on the use of building hardware, door systems and associated products in buildings.

The aim of the report is to ensure designs for safer, more reliable and more convenient use of doors for residents in buildings, placing particular focus on children, the elderly and the disabled

The key recommendation for users is to install a door closer which incorporates a rapidly decreasing opening torque. To ensure that this is the case, the force which a user needs to apply to open the door up to 60º must be reduced by 40%

Cam-Motion® Technologie

ASSA ABLOY Cam-Motion® technology enables guide rail door closers and floor springs to comply with CEN TR 15894 requirements.

Snel afnemende openingskracht in een Cam Motion® deursluiter