1924 - Foundation of the "Ferronerie et Fonderie du LITTOral" by the gents Braet, Nachez, Symoens en Burgener.
1926 - Dupéray was founded by Fernand Dupéray which sold initially bolts and architectural hardware.
1931 - Creation of the Litto brand.
1936 - Dupéray represents ZEISS IKON in Belgium and enters as such the security locks sector.
1945 - Litto produces its own cylinders and locks.
1971 - Dupéray Dupéray equips the new student city Louvain-La-Neuve with IKON cylinders. More than 20,000 cylinders were delivered.
1972 - Litto specializes in locking systems on organigrams.
1990 - Dupéray is taken over by ABLOY SECURITY Group, which is at the origin of the creation of the ASSA ABLOY Group.
1994 - Creation of ASSA ABLOY AB, originated from the fusion of ASSA and ABLOY. ASSA ABLOY is a worldwide active company located in Stockholm.
1996 - Dupéray specializes in electric locks.
1997 - Litto becomes a subsidiary of the ASSA ABLOY Group. Dupéray sells its bolts department and establishes the locks and architectural hardware unit.
1998 - Litto adds the product range of the Vachette brand to its assortment.
1999 - Dupéray is the favourite advisor for architects and offers mechanical and electromechanical locking solutions.
2002 - Litto adds the Yale assortment.
2003 - Dupéray develops under the brand TONIC LINE an assortment of architectural hardware.
2004 - Dupéray realizes a € 10 million turnover and counts 29 employees. Litto has a € 12 million turnover and counts 120 employees. Litto is the nr. 1 on the Belgian market with its mechanical locks and cylinders.
2005 - VERSO CLIQ: the new electromechanical cylinder combining mechanical security and electronical flexibility to provide the user with an offline access control system at a low cost.
2006 - Foundation of ASSA ABLOY nv. Originated from the merge of Litto and Dupéray companies. ASSA ABLOY nv has two sites Sales & Marketing at Wemmel Operations at Nieuwpoort
2007 - MP83 More security, more freedom with the MP83 cylinders.
2008 - The ASSA ABLOY solutions for big projects.
2009 - The "Yale Street" success More than 1 km of Yale Street in the Belgian DIY.
2010 - Aperio - Tongeren The Aperio fittings E100 approved and installed in Psychiatric care homes at Tongeren.
2011 - Door Closers Launch of the new assortment door closer from ASSA ABLOY in the showroom at Wemmel.
2012 - Fine result for ASSA ABLOY nv: A 24.315.000 turnover and 5.7% increase.
2013 - Launch: RFID Key Conlusive proof of innovation: 1 badge + 1 key = 1 RFID Key
2014 - 20 years ASSA ABLOY. Launch of the new OneSystem locks assortment.
2015 - Opening new industrial hall and participation 'Open Company Day'